Regal Tidings

Dear Subjects


Welcome to the Regal Tidings covering the latest news and whereabouts on the King of St Louis.

Who Is The King? He is the profound leader by birthright over the entire region of St Louis, Missouri. A city located in the very center of Earth. He has recently grown in power to help unite and bring the city into a great and powerful center of peace for all mankind to admire.

How is the king successfully defining this power? He is working with his subjects to help transform a recent history of cruelty and violence into a modern kingdom matching the like of King Solomon’s empire. Peace was worldwide during his reign, therefore the city officials gladly rolled out the red carpets for the rise of the King of Saint Louis.

Working with and for you! The King has been studying strong leaders who inspire hope, love, and wisdom, inside the King’s land of STL. He has begun empowering these individuals by sharing their stories online through his non-profit organization, Heroes Of Town.

Building a reign of smiles. With the power gifted to the king from the city of Saint Louis, Missouri, the king has been placed inside a mighty comedic band of brothers (Robbin Hood’esc), The World Guardians. You will see your royal highness on this incredible tv show, World Guardian’s Presents and be able to download his warm regal voice on the hit podcast, Time Capsule.

At your service. You can hire the king for speaking engagements, to officiate weddings, and MC any event the King sees fit to approve.


I love my city, I love my subjects, I want to meet and greet them all. – King Of St Louis



To God be the glory.

Your valiant and humble leader,

King Of St Louis.


Above message has officially received the stamp of approval.