Forgiveness Is The Only Option

The only option to deal with all the pains and crazy moments on hand is forgiveness. I originally wrote this post on the King of St Louis page but have decided to post it on here as well. This tale of two giants is a simple and yet sweet result of being quick to forgive.

Armando Galarraga - Jim Joyce - MLB - King of St Louis - Scott

Armando Galarraga – Jim Joyce – MLB – King of St Louis – Scott

I love ‪#‎JimJoyce‬ and Armando‬ Galarraga.

A story of a very talented pitcher who had a perfect game blown by the call of a very talented ump. The pitcher was quick to forgive. The two went on to write a book together, super homies.

The blown call and a ‘hero of town’ reaction, a smile:

2010/06/02 Galarraga is almost perfect


Umpire Jim Joyce’s Apology For His Call That Ruined Armando Galarraga’s Perfect Game

A kind man given an American classic:

King of St Louis Sword Drawn By Geoff Long

Sword Drawn by Artist Geoff Long

The King of St Louis has been drawn with sword in hand by world renown artist Geoff Long. The beautiful picture is based on a gorgeous masterpiece of a picture, shot by Male Photographer of the Year, Chris Bauer (World Guardians). The original picture was taken on the doorsteps of the Saint Louis Science Center in Forest Park. The incredibly handsome photograph did indeed have a T-Rex parched in the background. Geoff Long elegantly captured the prehistoric creature in his state of the art drawing.

As requested by the fans of King of St Louis, I too believe his drawing must be placed inside the St Louis Art Museum.  Non more worthy, nothing quite as rad.



I would like to declare that all my subjects must begin drawing pictures of me. You can paint, ink, pencil, stencil, tag, or sculpture magnificent art pieces based on me. When you do create and submit the pictures, they will be broadcasted and shared across the lands! As a collector of fine arts, your work will be kept with utmost care.

Please submit your drawn art pieces to the King of St Louis on his Facebook page or instagram.

If there are over 20 submitted by March there will be a dinner and fun evening full of entainment only for the creative types who create drawn art pieces featuring the world’s greatest royal, King of St Louis.


You Are Loved,
King of St Louis