Minecraft Monday Returns

Watch The High Dive Of Death from KingScottRules on www.twitch.tv

The Dog Dads aka #GoofPack return Monday night to streaming Minecraft.

After spending the summer season helping the mean streets of GTA to become a better place they finally return to their home away from home, Minecraft Mondays.

Make sure to follow all the Dog Dads to stay up to date with them on their twitch endeavors Twitch.tv/DukeLazor, Twitch.tv/CookieJacobs & Twitch.tv/KingScottRules

The adventure will be risky but a worthy cause. They must leave all their findings behind in Porkton to find a new land to conquer. Since the travel is great they will not be able to bring anything with them. What will the town be called? If you watch it, you can name it.

Make sure to join them Monday night from 7-10pm at Twitch.tv/KingScottRules.

Perfect Meatloaf with Martha Stewart

King Scott took time away from the Rizz Show to make you the perfect meatloaf with the help of super famous chef, Martha Stewart.

Impress your family and loved ones by making this exotic meal.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be filled with tasty goodness after you watch this cooking video on how to make the Perfect Meatloaf with Martha Stewart.

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